Ovens Mouth Preserve

If there’s a better place in the world than Maine in September, I haven’t found it. The crowds are mostly gone…the bugs are mostly gone…and it’s usually still warm enough to spend hours outside playing wiffle ball/nerf gun wars/riding bikes with my nephew. Highlights from this particular trip included gorging on cherry tomatoes from the […]

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China Camp State Park

China Camp’s name comes from a shrimping village established in the 1880s. While that’s generations ago, the last remaining villager passed away just last year. This history, plus its sweeping views of San Pablo Bay, make for a nice afternoon; however, China Camp isn’t going to make my top 10 list. Let my trip there […]

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Ebey’s Landing

Even if it means making a special trip to the Pacific Northwest, do this hike once in your life. The views. The history. You will thank me (and my mom, who is the mastermind behind this one). I’ll stop writing now and just let the photos do the talking.   The Scoop Location:¬†Whidbey Island, a […]

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