Monte Bello Open Space Preserve

Monte Bello has been on my radar all year. It’s part of the Santa Cruz Mountains — currently my favorite part of the region for hiking. Why my favorite? The Santa Cruz Mountains are generally less crowded than Marin, many trails are less exposed than the East Bay (perfect for summer hikes), and the drive […]

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Edgewood Park

I started this blog about five months into my goal so I could just point people here when they asked me for recommendations rather than trying to remember my favorites. Since my memory is terrible enough to warrant documenting my adventures in the first place, I try to write up recent hikes first. That means […]

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Portola Redwoods State Park

Summer hiking in the Bay Area is tricky. You get out of the seven square miles of the city and all of a sudden it’s really, truly summer. And when it’s 99 degrees in the South Bay, that means a lot of trails can be miserable. Not the ones inside of Portola Redwoods State Park, […]

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