Fort Funston

Fort Funston was another “I can’t believe I’ve lived in the Bay for the better part of a decade and never been here” experience. Visiting new places is one of the best parts of this little resolution. Fort Funston delivered–sandy bluffs, ocean views, and all the dogs I could possibly want to pet. No real […]

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Mt. Sutro

All this time in the city, and I never knew about Mt. Sutro. I found out about it a couple of weeks ago when my company held its annual volunteering day and I signed up to help out at Sutro Stewards, a non-profit nursery and conservation organization that’s doing cool work to replant the hill […]

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Corona Heights

Corona Heights definitely tests the limits of my definition of a hike. But it does technically meet the requirements of being more than two miles and having at least some unpaved portion, so I’m counting it. Plus, it’s got a helluva view. At least that’s how I remember it from other times I’ve been there. […]

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McLaren Park

When I think of hikes in and around the city, I think of Mt. Davidson, Fort Funston, Lands End. I’d never heard of McLaren Park before this year, when my friend recommended we check it out. I guess it makes sense that it wasn’t on my radar, as apparently it used to be a place […]

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Bernal Heights Park

One thing I didn’t anticipate when I set this goal: I’m doing way more short hikes than I used to. It’s a pretty pronounced behavior change, but HBR claims little hikes are the way to go to reach your goals (you are right, they don’t say that exactly…). After people ask me, “Why 37?” they usually follow up with, “What counts as a […]

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Lands End to Baker Beach

In fact, I’m not even sure Lands End wholly counts as a hike, but it was the last day of the month and I needed to eek out one last one to stay on track. Plus, it was fun to see all the tourists. Especially the ones strolling in high heels and starched white button downs. The […]

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