Mt. Sanitas via Lion’s Lair Trail

Four or so years ago, a group of girlfriends and I assembled in Santa Fe for a long weekend. We had finished grad school together the year before, and subsequently scattered back around the country. So this trip was our reunion, and it included everything we loved: hiking, games, wine, spa, great food, ridiculous conversation. Eventually that ridiculous conversation evolved into brainstorming a name for our group. I’m sure, given the itinerary, that it’ll come as a surprise that we landed on Ladies of Leisure.

Every year since then, LOLA has gathered in a new town and lived up to our moniker. The long Fourth of July weekend was our latest adventure in aggressive leisure. While we drank far less wine (some of the ladies are expecting Lolitas later this year), there were still epic board game battles and lots of catching up. And of course, a hike.


The Scoop

Location: Boulder, CO

Crowd factor: Relatively quiet…for now. One man passed our group and said, “Don’t tell anyone about this trail.” Sorry for this post, sir.

Exposure: Mix of shade and sun

Distance: ~4.5 miles round-trip (out-and-back)

Difficulty: It’s a 1,000 foot hill with a base at 6,000 feet. It’s not easy-easy, but all things considered, it’s pretty approachable…and pregnant-lady friendly.

Pro tips: No bathrooms from the trailhead linked in the route below. Plan accordingly.

Date hiked: 7/1/17

Source: My friend Brian, and also the Beyond Boulder blog (#hikingbloggoals)


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