Jack London State Historic Park

It sure wasn’t nostalgia for The Call of the Wild that drew me visit Jack London’s old ranch. No, it was the desire to get out of the Marin/Peninsula/East Bay hamster wheel I’ve been on. Besides, I love any excuse to visit Lagunitas.

Turns out, however, that Jack London was a pretty fascinating dude. He wrote 50 books by the time he died at the age of 40, and traveled to the South Pacific on a boat he had built for he and his wife – for the measly equivalent of $750,000 in today’s dollars. Plus, the guy really knew how to pick a plot of land.


The Scoop

Location: Sonoma

Crowd factor: Enough people that my dad commented on how friendly Bay Area hikers are, but not so many that he grew sick of saying hello to everyone we passed.

Exposure: Mostly shady

Distance: We hiked ~6 miles but there are tons of paths to make it longer or shorter.

Difficulty: Easy

Pro tips: Hit up the (free) museum, and don’t bother paying for the map and brochure.

Date hiked: 6/3/17


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