Carson Falls

My friends had two requests as I researched this hike: views and something easy. So when I saw pictures of flowing waterfalls and read that it was only three and a half miles, I was confident that this hike would deliver on both. Oops. It’s not actually that the trail to Carson Falls is hard. […]

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Jack London State Historic Park

It sure wasn’t nostalgia for The Call of the Wild that drew me visit Jack London’s old ranch. No, it was the desire to get out of the Marin/Peninsula/East Bay hamster wheel I’ve been on. Besides, I love any excuse to visit Lagunitas. Turns out, however, that Jack London was a pretty fascinating dude. He wrote […]

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Bernal Heights Park

One thing I didn’t anticipate when I set this goal: I’m doing way more short hikes than I used to. It’s a pretty pronounced behavior change, but HBR claims little hikes are the way to go to reach your goals (you are right, they don’t say that exactly…). After people ask me, “Why 37?” they usually follow up with, “What counts as a […]

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