Wunderlich County Park

Summer finally came to the Bay Area this weekend. While most of the city day-drank at Dolores and followed that up by day-drinking at Bay2Breakers, I hit up Wunderlich County Park in Woodside. In its opening lines on Wikipedia, Woodside is described as “home to many horses and is among the wealthiest communities in the United States”. So there’s that.

The Scoop

Location: Peninsula.

Crowd factor: Haven’t seen so many kids since my friend’s kid’s 4th birthday party at the Little Gym. But things thin out significantly a mile or two from the parking lot.

Exposure: Mostly shady but some exposed areas, so ‘screen up.

Distance: The one I did was ~5.5 miles and that was one of the longer routes, but there are tons of trails.

Difficulty: 3/4 water bottle. Never panting, but there are some hills, especially near the parking lot.

Highlights and hardly-useful facts: This property used to belong to the Folgers…as in ‘best part of waking up’! Serious #treeporn: redwoods and eucalyptus like whoa, and the Meadow has a pretty sweet view of surrounding hills. There are a couple of tables near the parking lot with lots of shade which seemed like a solid picnic spot.

Date hiked: 5/20/17

Source: 101 Great Hikes of the San Francisco Bay Area by Ann Marie Brown


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